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Local Rolling Gates Service


We offer a Complete Solution for Electric Gates and Garage Doors from Experts with Years of Experience.
If you are looking to install your gate or repair it, you need to hire the services of an expert, someone who has experience in dealing with specific issues. Local Garage Doors and Gates is a specialized electric gates and Garage Doors installation company in New York, offering the most complete services in electric gate repair and installation in New York you do not have to wait since we are local and have our van parked in your are all day. We have experienced professionals, who use the most advanced tools and techniques to install and repair your electric gates and doors.
When my father started this company, we found that a lot of homes and shops had automatic gates but there weren’t too many professional companies who would install and repair them. So, we started our journey with a very simple goal – to offer the best electric gate installation services in New York and that too, at the most affordable prices in the market. Today, our clients rely on us for getting the best services. 


We are one of the most experienced companies working in the field of garage doors and electric gates in New York State. Our experience helps to deal with challenges with ease.

The advantages of hiring our services are:

  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Years of Experience
  • 100% Original Parts
  • Value for Money
  • Free Estimate With Repair
  • All Parts Available
  • Local Service

We Do Residential and Commercial Properties.

We offer services for residential and commercial purposes. So, if you have a store or you want your garage door and electric gate for your home, we would help you out on that. 

Not only electric gates, we also help you with garage door repair and installation in New York as well as intercom installation for private homes and business. Contact us today and get the complete peace of mind you deserve.